As consulting engineers Indian Technocrat Ltd. (ITL) was established in 1980. ITL has been following its well defined objectives of providing quality- driven support functions to many clients.

With its core members comprising project engineers, highway engineers, pavement experts, and bridge/structural engineers, geotechnical engineers, environmental engineers, transport & urban planners, traffic engineers, transport economists, hydrologists etc, ITL has established it self as a responsible engineering company.

ITL now wishes to expand further and undertake larger roles and key positions in the infrastructure industry. New growth objectives of ITL have been based on a strategic analysis of the infrastructure development process in the country today. This analysis presents an immense opportunity for a professionally managed consultant like ITL that can play a pivotal role by filling large gaps in the value- chain of today’s construction industry. ITL recognizes and appreciates the role that a successful consulting firm can play. As a company, ITL can provide not only quality driven and innovative solutions but also act as a facilitator and partner in the disciplined management of private BOT projects on PPP framework as well as EPC projects.