It has been exciting time again given the buzz around the ‘Infrastructure’ throughout the country and signs of high increasing growth coupled with low inflation. Most of the key stakeholders such as Investors, Owners, Contractors and Consultants have awoken out of their self-imposed slumber and joined the bandwagon for renewed effort to bridge the big infrastructure gap.

We, at ITL, are equally excited to be part of this infrastructure movement. Having quite busy in the highway, railways and the building sector (on mostly BOT projects with some EPC assignments), we feel the experience gained over the past decade clearly puts us in the forefront. Interestingly, our vision, set out in 2006, got fully met with, thus far.

Going forward, ITL is well poised to serve on various consultancy assignments with the leading players, partners and renown clients in the country. Our team is vibrant and ever learning to transfer the benefits to all stakeholders involved.

I guarantee that our team would do the maximization of benefits and minimization of the resources to be able to meet the stiff targets all around, still maintaining the desired quality and thus help the community to achieve the desired goals.